Modalis Therapeutics and its lead program, MDL-101, have been highlighted as an innovative treatment with notable progress by LAMA2 Europe, a European LAMA2-CMD patient organization, and the article was published on the LAMA2 Europe website.

The article refers to preclinical data published by Modalis Therapeutics and states that MDL-101 is a promising innovative treatment in future clinical trials due to its small doses and enhanced safety profile. As a leading company in the development of fundamental therapies for LAMA2-CMD, Modalis will continue to move forward to bring hope to patients suffering from rare genetic disorders for which there are no cure solutions.


“Modalis Therapeutics has made significant strides in developing a gene therapy technology aimed at treating LAMA2-congenital muscular dystrophy (LAMA2-CMD)”

About LAMA2 Europe

LAMA2 Europe is a non-profit organization organized and managed by the European LAMA2-CMD patient organizations (Netherlands, Spain, and France). The mission of LAMA2 Europe is to accelerate the development of treatments for LAMA2-CMD and to support patients and their families by providing relevant information on international research activities related to LAMA2-CMD, and by collaborating and connecting patients and their families with clinicians, researchers, and members of the biotech industry.