Company Name
Modalis Therapeutics Corporation
January 2016
Representative Directors
Haru Morita
3-11-5 Nihonbashi-Honcho, Nihonbashi-Lifescience-Bldg.2 7F Chuo-ku, Tokyo,103-0023 JAPAN
※ On September 1st, 2020, the Japan office of Modalis has relocated.
U.S. Office R&D Operations
Modalis Therapeutics Inc.(51 Moulton street Cambridge MA)
Scope of Business
Drug development
Number of Employees
17 (as of end 2019, consolidated)
Record of Awards
J-STARTUP authorization (2018)

Modalis (pronounced “MO-DA-LIS”) is an original name that the Company has chosen to hope Company’s proprietary gene modulation technology, CRISPR-GNDM, to be a new modality (therapeutic technology) to assist patients fighting with genetic disorders. It is the key to treatment of genetic diseases, and the logo of the company name expresses "a gene switch" becoming the target of the CRISPR-GNDM technology.