When was the company founded?
Modalis Therapeutics Corporation was founded in Tokyo Japan in January 2016.
The consolidated subsidiary, Modalis Therapeutics Inc. was founded in Cambridge Massachusetts USA in April 2016.
On what exchange is the company listed?
Modalis listed its shares on Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market on August 3 2020.
What is the stock code of Modalis?
When do you announce financial results?
We announce financial results following the end of every quarter. Please see “IR Calendar”
Where can I get copies of your past business results?
Please see Financial Results for past business results.
Do you plan to pay dividends?
We have not paid dividends since the establishment. As we will continue to carry out R&D activities that require large up-front investments, we will not pay dividends for the time being and will prioritize securing funds for continuing R&D activities.
We recognize that returning profits to shareholders is an important management issue. If the stable profit can be earned in the future and sufficient profit can be secured to cover R&D funds, we will also consider profit distribution after comprehensively considering the need to enhance internal reserves to prepare for R&D activities.
Do you currently have any preferential system for shareholders?
Not at the moment.
What is the number of shares constituting one trading unit of shares?
Who do I contact to change share registration information such as ownership and changes of address?
Please contact your securities company.
When is the Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholder?